Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Forever Fiftieth


Perfect in my eyes is the one that you are

Pure in love and spirit, I adore.

Amor, amor, jadore, you are love.

He is in you in everything and everyday

From heaven to earth you came and touched my life

I feel you in every part of me, every day...I surrender to love...

You have stolen my heart, although I gave it quite freely

My mind cannot comprehend the blessing I have, the dream and prayer that is answered in you.

I am changed in every way, every time I hear you speak

I succumb to your adoration.

All I want is to be more, to be all, to be my best for you.

I can not be perfect, but I can try as always

Thank you for your constant patience and grace, for the forgiveness that flows without question.

I do not deserve the gift that you are but I receive it nonetheless.

Forever I will love, forever I will cherish, for you are the one my heart adores.

Dedicated to my love. Completed: January 4, 2011