Monday, September 13, 2010

Frightened Fourty-Seventh

Saturday night, Des is in Cleveland, Josiah is at a friends, Mom and Derryck are out of town. Boots and I are alone in the house and so I'm a little freaked so mom tells me to turn on the alarm. I do and feel a bit better. 12:30ish I am searching for a gift card in the basement when I hear the alarm go off blazing through the house! I hear footsteps above me...I run, grab my phone, dash in my room, turn off the light and hide in the closet. I call 911...the woman starts asking 20 billion questions, and I try to answer them as best I can while trying not to breath!

I hear the footsteps moving around, the alarm goes off, I think maybe they cut the wire to it??

I hear the footsteps come down the basement steps, I hear the door to my room, the light comes on...I know I am about to die... then the light goes off and the door shuts, the person has left...

All of the sudden, I realize that it must be DESMOND! He would be the only one that would come straight to our room, look for me and then leave...I peak out and look and he's gone, I whisper "Hello...hello??" And suddenly there he is! The 911 operator is still on the phone waiting for me and I tell her, "It's just my husband, he drove into town and surprised me!!" I hang up and burst into tears as I was SO incredibly frightened I couldn't contain it... He hugs me and tells me HI! Haha! We go up to await the arrival of the sheriff who still had to come and check things out. We tell him what happened and he laughs and bids us good night!

Craziest night of my life, and I thought I was just gonna have a quiet girls night with masks and a foot spa...

Me with my face mask on, prior to the surprise from hell haha!

Food for today's thought:
"Life is a series of surprises, and would not be worth taking or keeping if it were not." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, September 10, 2010

Favorite Fourty-SIxth :)

I am married.
I can't believe it and it has already been 20 days!

Our wedding was priceless from start to finish.
My Desmond is so amazing, he started writing me letters from Thursday night before the Bachelorette Party until Saturday 30 minutes before our wedding. He drove all over to the places I would be like the bridal luncheon local, the nail salon etc... and I had a PS I love you letter experience at every location, it was incredible and I have never felt so loved and special in my life.

We had such an amazing experience at every step of the way. Our rehearsal dinner was priceless; after everyone ate, we gave friends the opportunity to say a few words and our family and friends poured blessings and funny stories over us.

We had such a blessed ceremony also, with a conclusion of our grandparents and parents coming on stage to pray over us as we start our lives together.

The reception was crazy and fun, dancing with all our friends and family was a treasure.

It all went by too quickly but even so, I don't mind because at the end of the night I laid next to my new husband and felt such peace.

I have been so blessed by God to be chosen to marry this man I have and I cannot wait to see where we will go and the things we will do.

Food for today's thought:
"Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate." -Barnett R. Brickner

Check out some of the pictures from our special day!